I am a mom of 2 young kids (aged 1 & 4) as well as a full time designer. Finding a balance with all of what life throws at you can be tricky and testing, but this is how i get through the day to day.

After over 10 years of design i can happily say i thankfully love what i do for a living. Although, over the years of freelancing, i've had to re-adjust my focus many times. Freelance can have its highs and lows. Sometimes when a year can start slow, which seems to be a trend, i start to panic. Then, typically, i can get flooded with work that i feel i may drown. Thank goodness for my level headed husband who can always put things in perspective and helps me focus on prioritising.

This year in particular i've had to re-focus my career. Sometimes i fall into the trap of thinking of my design as something i just do, as opposed to my business, which i need to nurture and grow, even if i am the only employee. Productivity breeds productivity, and in my lulls while having kids and a year spent in London with my family, where design really took a back seat, i have now realised i've neglected my company's priorities. Keeping it up to date.

So here i am refreshing it and trying to consolidate all the areas i feel creative in. From my design day job to my JaxSpratt kids brand to my daily musings on Instagram. I am hopefully back on the path and will keep in touch here :)